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About Us

I maintain my studio at my home in Middleton, Idaho.

My days are filled with painting and my other passion, ranching.

While we, my husband and I, have retired from large ranch operations, we still maintain a small operation on our place.

I am often out riding one of my several horses on the open rangeland.  This provides a great opportunity to capture reference photos of wildlife in our area.
Raptors of all kinds make their nests in the tall sage.  Owls, hawks, eagles and song birds are prolific.  We also see the migration of the large Sandhill Cranes as they stop over on their way back north.  Their call is very distinctive making them easy to find out on the open rangeland.  Coyotes, Badgers, Fox and many small rodents are quite common.  An occasional Mule deer will wander by, and the range cattle and sheep are abundant.

Painting wildlife and ranch animals is my passion.
What better place to be than Idaho?

–Debra Bruner ©2017